Irish dance

For this edition of the Celtic Folk Festival we are bringing two fantastic dancers. The sisters Rosalie and Madelief Wagenaar have been dancing at our theater shows since childhood. Rosalie has been dancing with Rapalje for over 13 years and is also the owner of the successful dance school 'Rose Irish Dance School'. Since 2014 she is one of the five qualified teachers of Irish Dance in the Netherlands (for organization CLRG). Moreover, the Rose Irish Dance School has already given many special performances, including at Najib & Jandino Live in De Kuip, the TV program Circus Gerschtanowitz, the National Taptoe in Ahoy and Belgium's Got Talent. You can also see their audition for the new season of Holland's Got Talent on October 7.

Let yourself be transported to Ireland and imagine yourself at a Riverdance show. When these ladies are on stage, we are just the musical accompaniment and all eyes are on the smooth footwork they show you.