Flannery is a bunch of rough rockers, they wear kilts and play cheerful up-tempo melodic folk-rock. The core of the band is of course the bagpipes but not the standard Auld Lang Syne version. Influenced by traditional Scottish, Irish and Celtic music they “Flannery” the songs and everything is better with bagpipes. Flannery alternates between instrumental and beautiful self-written rock songs, the party never stops!

Flannery started in 2012 during a big festival in the Netherlands, Denny “500” Myles, the bagpiper decided to expand his band “The Myles Brothers” with a bunch of friends to play more folk-rock. Soon afterwards Flannery saw the light of day, the band consists of Denny on bagpipes, Tim on drums, Steven on lead guitar, Arrie on bass guitar and Martin on vocals. Since 2012, there are many  special shows throughout the Netherlands, from Hellevoetsluis to Tytsjerk. Europe has also been introduced to Flannery, rocking tours in Italy, Germany, Belgium and even the Ukraine were a party.

During the Celtic Folk Festival 2019 tour Flannery will play in  Groningen Bremen  and  Speyer !