Groningen Prijs
31 oktober 2020 Celtic Folk Festival Groningen € 17

EM2 is a rugged location that manages to create an intimate atmosphere through the use of honest materials such as wood and steel. The location in itself creates a unique experience. During the Celtic Folk Festival you can not only enjoy beautiful performances by Rapalje

, cochon Bleu and Flannery

, but you can also eat delicious food at the Cooking Highlander. The Cooking Highlander prepares with love and care and with a variety of fresh, honest ingredients delicious dishes on the barbecue. The showpiece of the collection is an imposing danger of 5 meters high and 3 floors, wood fired. Besides the most delicious meat, The Cooking Highlander also brings along its famous Knobibrood; This Mediterranean bread, baked in garlic butter and covered with herb cottage cheese is one of their most popular dishes.