23-3-2024 Celtic Folk Festival Center Eelde



Roy Gullane

The Shannons



Whatever's Left

Marcel Dunker

Old Man Fergus

Chris Murphy

Highland Dancing

The MylesBrothers

March 23, 2024 Celtic Folk Festival Eelde!

Attention folk music lovers! Due to great success, Celtic Folk Festival proudly announces the 2nd edition of this event in the beautiful village center of Eelde. On Saturday, March 23, 2024, enjoy a day full of live music, whiskey and culture in the Herberg, Village Church, the museum and the two pubs.

Experience the vibrant energy of Celtic folk music as you listen to talented bands play in the various locations. Dance along, or just enjoy the show.

Don't miss this festive event, a taste of spring. Come to Eelde on March 23 for the Celtic Folk Festival and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Celtic culture. The event starts at 6:30 PM. Until then!

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March 23 Celtic Folk Festival Eelde 2024 € 23,50
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March 23 Eelde including Whiskey tasting € 47,50
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March 23 Whiskey Tasting (without festival ticket) € 30
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What can you expect at Celtic Folk Festival Eelde?

We let the drums roll and bow the violins, because the Celtic Folk Festival Eelde is coming! We open the festival at 6:30 PM in the beautiful Dorpskerk. What follows is an evening full of music, dance and fun.

The celebration does not stop at the door of the church, because the entire center of Eelde takes part in this special day. There are a total of five locations where you can enjoy our special line-up, where you can always watch something at two locations at the same time: you can choose yourself! The best-known acts play multiple times. Your ticket gives access to all five locations where performances will take place.

Moreover, in some places in the center you can enjoy special menus in Celtic style or just a snack and a drink; there is something for everyone. If you get even hungrier during the evening, don't worry. There are also several eateries open where you can enjoy something tasty.

This is an evening you won't soon forget, so get your dancing shoes ready and join the partying masses in Eelde. The Celtic Folk Festival Eelde is an experience that you want to experience with all your friends and family and that you should therefore definitely not miss! Last year the tickets sold out very quickly, so get your tickets quickly.

Whiskey Tasting

Free children's afternoon

Taste the magic of the Highlands at our very first Whiskey Tasting at the Celtic Folk Festival in Eelde!

Step into a world of flavours, stories and enchanting music as we take you on an unforgettable journey through the Scottish and Irish highlands. Be surprised by the depth of character, the rich story and the warm tones of our carefully selected whiskies. Each glass is accompanied by a personal story and framed by the enchanting sounds of Rapalje, specially chosen to capture the essence of each whisky.

And if that's not enough, we spoil your taste buds with delicious snacks that pair perfectly with the unique flavor profiles of each whisky. Prepare for a Tasting full of pleasure and discovery, where whiskey, stories and music come together in a harmonious feast for the senses.

Don't miss this unique experience at the Celtic Folk Festival in Eelde. We look forward to toasting the beauty of Celtic traditions and the rich world of Whiskey with you!

Only a limited number of tickets are available for this.

Locations Celtic Folk Festival

Eelde, Drenthe

Village church

Inn Hilbrantz

Boelens Theater

Pub Mekies


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