March 11, 2023 Celtic Folk Festival Eelde!

Folk music lovers take note! Celtic Folk Festival is proud to announce a new event in the beautiful village center of Eelde. Come on Saturday, March 11, 2023 for a day full of live music, dance and culture in the Herberg, Dorpskerk and the two pubs.

Experience the vibrant energy of Celtic folk music as you listen to talented bands play live at each venue. Dance along, or just enjoy the show.

Don't miss this festive event, an anticipation of Spring. Come to Eelde on March 11 for the Celtic Folk Festival and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Celtic culture. Until then!

Historical trip for kids

Get ready for an afternoon of adventure and fun on our free super fun historical tour. Listen to traditional instruments in beautiful buildings (where your parents go to party in the evening), learn and enjoy the Celtic culture. Along the way you get a delicious glass of ranja. Take your parents on this unforgettable adventure for the whole family! Will you join us on a journey of discovery through history and traditional music?

Locations Celtic Folk Festival

Village church

Inn Hilbrantz

Boelens Theater

Pub Mekies

Band Celtic Folk Festival


Cocoon Blue


Steady Maverick

Marcel Dunker


Highland Sell Outs


What can you expect at Celtic Folk Festival Eelde?



We let the drums roll and bow the violins, because the Celtic Folk Festival Eelde is coming! We open the festival at 6:30 PM in the beautiful Dorpskerk. What follows is an evening full of music, dance and fun.

The party does not stop at the door of the church, because the entire center of Eelde takes part in this special day. There are four locations in total where you can enjoy our special line-up, where you can always watch something at two locations at the same time: just choose yourself! The most famous acts play several times. Your ticket gives access to all four venues where performances will take place.

The entire center is of course open for dinner. From special Celtic style menus to just a bite to eat and a drink, there is something for everyone. If you get hungry during the evening, you don't have to worry either. Even then there are several eateries open in the center where you can go for something tasty.

At the end of the evening we see who is still standing to jam in Boelens during a real session.

This is an evening you won't soon forget, so get your dancing shoes ready and join the partying crowd in Eelde. The Celtic Folk Festival Eelde is an experience that you want to experience with all your friends and family and you should therefore absolutely not miss it!

Celtic Folk Festival Eelde is made possible in part by: