The Celtic Folk Festival

Experience the best of Celtic folk music at the Celtic Folk Festival. This unique festival offers live performances by traditional and contemporary musicians, held in beautiful characteristic locations. Typical of the artists of Celtic Folk is that they know how to turn every performance into an incredibly fun party, from rough power folk to romantic ballads and from rousing jigs to traditional reels. The Celts were warriors and passion explodes from the stage during this special festival.

Our festival is family-friendly and open to people of all ages. You can enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the Celtic countries: their distinctive music and traditions, their unique culture and history. Drinking together, dancing together and enjoying music together: at the Celtic Folk Festival it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable evening. We cordially invite you to participate in this special festival and celebrate the music, culture and traditions of the Celtic lands in an unforgettable way.

The organisation

The organization behind the Celtic Folk Festival is no stranger to true music lovers and festival goers, namely the band “Rapalje”. Rapalje is a band that really knows how to party! With their energetic performances and beautiful music, they ensure that everyone leaves with a big smile on their face. During the Celtic Folk Festival they will entertain the audience along with many other fantastic bands. Rapalje has been touring all over the world for over 27 years and their fan base has only grown over the years. They are also the heart of it Rapalje Summer Folk Festival which has been organized in Groningen's Stadspark since 2013. “Be easy and free” is their motto and it is widely celebrated in everything they do.