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The Celtic Folk Festival

Experience the vibrant world of Celtic folk at the unforgettable Celtic Folk Festival. This unique event offers live performances by traditional and contemporary bands, who will surprise you with their performances in beautiful, characteristic locations. One of the remarkable qualities of artists from this scene is their ability to turn every performance into an unforgettable party. From rough power folk to romantic ballads and from lively jigs to traditional reels. The Celts were warriors and passion explodes from the stage during these special events.

Every Celtic Folk Festival has something for everyone; it is a family-friendly event that appeals to all ages. You will be immersed in the rich cultural heritage of the Celtic countries; from the distinctive music to the unique history and culture. At the Celtic Folk Festival we celebrate solidarity, conviviality, dancing and drinking – a day or evening you will cherish for years to come. We invite you to join us, and together we can celebrate the music, culture and traditions of the beautiful Celtic lands – an experience you will never forget.

The organisation

The organization behind the Celtic Folk Festival is no stranger to real music lovers and festival goers, namely the band “Rapalje”. Rapalje are an award winning band from the Scottish and Irish folk music scene. In their more than 28 years of existence, they have captivated audiences with passionate and vibrant performances on hundreds of stages around the world. The group combines traditional instruments such as the bagpipes, violin, flutes and bodhráns with vocals from the heart and a good dose of humour, making them loved wherever they play. They are also the heart of it Rapalje Summer Folk Festival which has been organized in Groningen's Stadspark since 2013. “Be easy and free” is their motto and it is widely celebrated in everything they do.

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Save the date: Halloween 2024!

Save the date: Halloween 2024!

On Saturday, October 26, the Halloween edition of our Celtic Folk Festival will take place in the EM2 in Groningen. Like every year there will be a lot of music,...