Six driven musicians with a predilection for energetic, honest and spontaneous folk music, who give every performance to the utmost and, together with the audience, ensure that everyone can return home with a satisfied feeling… A large number of parties and festivals have been introduced to Scrum for years and every time the audience - just like the band itself - is wildly enthusiastic. Scrum knows how to bind a growing number of fans. They have also appeared at Zomerfolk before and we are very happy that they are back!

The band consists of: Skottie (vocals, banjo, guitar, mandolin), Rens (bass), Robin (guitar, mandolin), Oscar (drums), Denny (bagpipes, tinwhistle and uilleann pipes) and Corné (violin, mandolin).

In April 2004, Scrum sees the light of day. A live EP is released that same year. After many festival appearances, the band presents its debut album Pro Libertate at the end of 2006, from which the song Drunk Again reached the top 100 in 2007. In 2008, the musicians travel to Scotland, which will become the basis for the band's acoustic career. In the same year, a live acoustic EP of a gig as support act for The Dubliners is released. Many festivals at home and abroad follow. In 2010 the band released its second studio album: Killing Time. At that time the band is also successful in Dutch theaters with its own 'theater pub', resulting in the release of the DVD A Night at the Pub (2012) and its own single malt whiskey Fior Càirdeas (2012).

At the end of 2014, Scrum is at a crossroads when the then singer indicates that he is going to stop. The bond between the men turns out to be strong and none of the band members are done with Scrum.

From 2015 a new energy comes within the band with singer Léon Moorman. This has a major influence on the musical direction and the look & feel. The clearly new course is characterized by a more mature sound, in which Scrum continues to guarantee honesty, enthusiasm and energy. The singles from The Shamrock Sessions, produced by Sander Rozeboom (Caro Emerald, BLØF, IOS, Van Velzen), will be released internationally in 2017. The album “Single Malt Folk” will follow in 2018. The single Looking Back is successful on German (WDR) and Dutch (Radio5) radio. The singer indicates in 2019 that he has solo aspirations. The band then decides to go back to its base.

After 5 years Skottie returns and Scrum is back to basic!