The Dutch band Sunfire started as a solo project, but quickly grew into a close-knit five-piece unit. They are known, beyond the borders of the Netherlands, for their own and innovative Western Folk style. A modern mix of solid americana, folk, country, bluegrass and rock. Sunfire managed to conquer the hearts of many loyal fans in no time with their cheerful, energetic, but also profound music. Their live performances are therefore an enrichment for every stage. With their unique sound, raw vocals, compelling melodies, and complex layers, they know how to entertain every audience in appropriate ways. A combination that will leave no music lover unmoved.

The permanent line-up of Sunfire consists of Satria Karsono (lead vocals, banjo, guitar), Sophie Zaaijer (violin, vocals), Berend de Vries (guitar, vocals), Jeroen van Leeuwen (drums, vocals) and Michel Beeckman (bass ).