Rapalje Celtic Folk Music

Rapalje Celtic Folk Music is a name that has been synonymous with exciting folk, sensitive ballads and cozy chaos for over 27 years. From intimate theater concerts in the Netherlands to large club tours in Brazil and everything in between.

Dressed in kilt and with a good dose of humor, the band is an indispensable part of the folk scene. They play both traditionals and original songs and are known for making every performance a special experience. Sing along with classics such as “Wat Zullen We Drinken”, “Whiskey In The Jar” and “Caledonia” or be surprised by the relatively new repertoire of their latest CD “Scotland's Story”.

Even in 2020/2021, these full-time musicians, despite an almost suddenly empty concert agenda, have not been idle. With a huge amount of free online concerts, they have kept in touch with their large fan base from all over the world. Whether it was from the beach where they released seals, at the reopening of Emmen Zoo or their unforgettable benefit broadcast to support Castlefest after the cancellation in 2021: Rapalje continued to make music and share it with their audience. If you come across them during the festival, don't hesitate to ask for a photo or autograph. The massive support from the fans has helped them through everything and they are very grateful for that.

At the Fantasy Awards in 2021, organized by CeltCast, the band has been awarded 3 times: “Best Merch” for their songbook, “Thanks for the Laugh” for their special bird show during the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival and the special “Positivity Award ” for band founder Maceál. For several years now, every Tuesday at 20:00, he has been providing a free live stream on the Rapalje social media channels, in which everyone can ask questions and talk to him about all kinds of topics. Many fans have indicated that this has dragged them through difficult times and the rest of the band is very proud of Maceál for being rewarded with this special award.

Website: https://www.rapalje.com