March 23, 2024 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM
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Meet a Viking, real Celts making music, see the spectacular Highland

dancing sword dance and take a puzzle tour through the wandering garden of the Buitenplaats.

Construction news

Feb 21 News from construction: Archaeology
Published at 10:47 by Rick Wind (Project Leader)

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The work on the Hoofdweg is partly carried out under archaeological supervision. This part is located between the center and the Boerhaaveweg. Preliminary research has shown that there may be archaeological remains in this area. During excavation work, an archaeologist is at work to see whether there are traces or valuable finds in the ground, possibly from the Middle Ages. We expect these finds in the middle of the roadway, where no excavation has taken place before.

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We contacted the archaeologists and they told us a little more about what they found…

A fantastic discovery was made during the work on the Hoofdweg in Eelde! Evidence of a legendary battle between the Vikings and the Celts has been found!

The builders came across very old objects on which something was written in very strange characters... If you want to know what exactly they found, come to the children's afternoon of the Celtic Folk Festival from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM on March 23, 2024 in Eelde.

The Drents Museum has old writings and this is a small piece from an old medieval text:

Elethe (now Eelde), a quiet village located in the middle of lush forests and fertile fields, became the battleground between two powerful peoples. The Celts, connected to the earth and its secrets, could already hear the drums of war whispering in the wind. The Vikings, with their fearless spirit and ruthless strength, were eager to engage in battle.

On a cold morning, when the dew still glistened on the grass, the armies faced each other. The Celts, shrouded in the green of the forest, were led by their brave warriors and wise druids. On the other side, the Vikings, with their menacing helmets and glittering swords, stood ready to engrave their names in history. 

The battle broke out with a deafening roar that sent the birds flying from the trees. Swords clashed, arrows flew through the air, and the sound of battle was like thunder rolling across the land. The Celts fought with the courage of lions, but the Vikings were like a storm that seemed unstoppable. During the battle, however, the message comes that Eelde is not interesting enough at all, because it is much too low! The battle is stopped…and the Celts and Vikings bury the hatchet in Hilbrantsz's inn.

Celtic News

Viking News

New finds during excavation work reveal a connection between old Ogham script and the name Eelde

During recent excavation work on the main road in Eelde, exciting discoveries were made that further illuminate the history of the region. Archaeologists have found artefacts indicating a link between the ancient Ogham script and the historical name of Eelde known as Elethe, which is said to be derived from Elatha.

These objects, which are believed to be centuries old, provide valuable clues about the early inhabitants of Eelde and their cultural practices. Inscriptions that appear to be engraved on artifacts in the Ogham script suggest a profound connection with the name Elethe, which apparently has its origins in the ruler Elatha, according to ancient legends.

Interestingly enough, according to ancient writings, the Ogham script is said to have been first invented during the reign of Bres, the son of Elatha. The legendary figure Ogma, brother of Bres and also son of Elatha, is known for his skills in speech and poetry and is considered the creator of the Ogham script.

This discovery sheds new light on Eelde's rich history and highlights the cultural and linguistic diversity that once flourished in this region. Archaeologists are now conducting further analysis of the artefacts found to learn more about the ancient civilizations that once inhabited this land and the role the Ogham script played in their daily lives.

Cannon ball Bombs Berend found under an old lime tree turns out to be a Viking slingshot from the Middle Ages.

The discovery of the cannonball, known as a possible remnant of the 'Bommen Berend' siege, is an important discovery that further illustrates the rich history of the region. However, careful research revealed that the origin of the bullet goes back much further than initially thought, to the time of the Vikings.

The artefact, discovered under a centuries-old lime tree behind the museum, was identified as a Viking-era slingshot, dating back to the Middle Ages. This discovery raises questions about how the Vikings were able to produce such advanced iron weapons at a time when iron was still a rare and precious metal.

According to experts, the Vikings' use of iron sling balls was a sign of their advanced metallurgical skills and their ability to make use of available resources. Contrary to previous assumptions about the primitive technologies of the time.

In addition, recent astronomical research points to an interesting connection between the magnetic fields around the Earth and the presence of meteorites on the Earth's surface. Due to the attraction of these magnetic fields, more meteorites end up on Earth in the North and South of the world. These meteorites not only brought rare metals such as iron to our planet, but also provided building materials for advanced weapons such as the iron slingshots used by the Vikings.

This discovery sheds new light on the technological advances of the Vikings and highlights the importance of archaeological research to deepen our understanding of the past. The iron ball can be seen in the museum during opening hours.

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